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NU Carnival Apk Download for Android, iOS, PC Free 2022

NU Carnival Apk download free 2022

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The story of NU: Carnival revolves around the story of a young sex toy maker called Eiden, who ends up in another world after coming across a gemstone at his workplace. He is treated in a mysterious fantasy setting as being the descendant of a legendary hero of the past known as Huey. Now it is up to him to unite forces with men of multiple elemental tribes, to protect Klein Continent from the influence of the evil spirits that have resurfaced.

His group will have to fight against monsters in order to bring harmony to the world once again. Although it can be said that part of saving the world involves them getting down and dirty because of the magical properties of bodily fluids, the classic eroge excuse we all know and love.

In the last few weeks, the companies have shared some character trailers showing some of the guys who will have the opportunity to spend more time with Aiden. The most recent of these was the beast-man Garu, who used to be a mythical wolf before getting a human body. There is a very pure and simple boy who used to live by himself in the unforgiving Dead Zone but ended up developing a second personality. His voice actor, Kuroi Isamu, was the Scarecrow for BUSTAFELLOWS.

NU Carnival World Overview

On the Klein Continent, many hundreds of years ago, the elemental spirits were causing all kinds of havoc. In order to put a stop to this chaos, the Grand Sorcerer - a person who has been identified only as Huey - decided to build five altars across the country, each adorned with a gigantic stone that would enable him to regulate and seal away these imbalanced elements.

In the years to come, every dozen years or so, Huey and his clanmates would set out on a journey to maintain the gemstones and seals on each of the five altars.

Twenty years ago, Huey suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth. The elemental harmony he created began to disintegrate when no one was left to maintain the altars. As a result, monsters started to appear everywhere in the land. As the elemental spirits began to fall into disarray once more, Klein was once again plagued by natural disasters and the dreaded Dead Zone began to spread across the land.

Later that same day, two familiars, created many years ago by Huey, used a secret technique to summon a man from another world. It wasn't long before they recognized him as the descendant of their master - and maybe... just maybe, he is the hero they have been waiting for all this time.

CHARACTER nucarnival download


A sex toy product designer for a company that manufactures sex toys.

Due to the fact that he grew up in an orphanage, Eiden developed a strong sense of independence. The first time he realized he was gay was during puberty, and he has been in several relationships on and off since then. When it comes to sex, he is very open-minded, with a long list of fantasies and desires, and he likes both playing the bottom and playing the top roles.

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