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Euro Truck Simulator 2 APK Download ETS2 Android 2022

Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.38 Download

Euro Truck Simulator 2 or the European Truck Simulator ETS2 is considered among the best truck simulation games and this game has been very popular with Arabs because it has realistic and imaginative graphics and allows you to experience working as a truck driver and delivering goods within the cities of Europe, where the game was rated as the best game One of the truck simulation games, and this game was a huge success, so we will mention the game information in this article more clearly.

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 But, unfortunately, the game is only available for computers, and for the time being, the game is not officially available for Android phones, so I decided and on your techno pro blog to offer you a copy that is very similar to it and with a direct link from the mediafire site in order to listen to it while the official version is available from the company and I will explain You also have a way to install it on your phone, so I strongly advise you to read this post to the end in order to download the game similar to Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2), but before that, let's give a little information about the game.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Android Download Free Full version

Euro Truck Simulator 2 was developed and released by SCS Software and works on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems in 2012 on October 19, and the game provided two ways to play, you can play alone or play with several people and the idea of ​​the game is that you work as a driver Trucks transport goods between the cities of Europe in order to make money with the slope with the roads because there are slopes and difficult roads in addition to rain and slipping and sometimes you lose control of the truck, but with all this you must be very steep in order to deliver the goods or cargo safely without any damage And this is the money that you earn. You can buy other trucks or improve your truck, such as changing its color, improving the engine, changing it and other things.

ETS 2 download for android Features 

Euro Truck Simulator game contains a variety of wonderful features that have attracted players from all over the world, and the most important of these features are as follows:

  1. The game supports all smartphones of all systems such as Android, iPhone, tablets, etc.
  2. You can deal with the game using many languages ​​of the world such as Arabic, English, French, Spanish and many other languages.
  3. The graphic design of the game is distinctive and perfect, showing all the details of the game perfectly and very realistically.
  4. The game offers you many types of trucks and you have to choose the one that is right for you, and during the different stages of the game the game gives you the opportunity to change this truck at any time.
  5. The game is available for free on many different websites, so you can download it without any financial charges.
  6. Learn about many new cities and streets within this game.
  7. The game is designed in a small size that does not require any large storage space in the device.
  8. Learn a lot of information about trucks.
  9. The use of 3D graphics that show all the details of the game as required, which prepares you to be inside a real truck.
  10. The control style of the game is very easy as you can control all the engines and directions of the truck.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 APK OBB

Euro Turk Simulator 2 is different from any other car game where the player drives a truck and the player runs around the city streets, there are a set of symbols and suggestions in the game to guide the player on the right track and steer accordingly, it should be noted that the player does not have to pay any money fees To download and play the game or even unlock some of its unlocked stages and get some of its features. It should be noted that the game supports a foreign language only, but it developed the game and made it support the Arabic language.

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