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download granny house multiplayer mod apk Unlimited Souls

download granny house - multiplayer mod apk

download granny house - multiplayer mod apk

 Granny's house - Multiplayer escapes is a horror game where your mission is to either escape from a haunted house where you're being held prisoner ... or become the kidnapper who's terrorizing the children. In this adventure, you'll have the help of three other people like you. You'll need to collaborate with them in order to win. If you like challenges and escape games, this terrifying story will have you hooked for hours in rounds against users from all over the world.

This fun story lets you enjoy multiple equally fun viewpoints. The modes offered in Granny's house - Multiplayer escapes include: story, escape, infection, and occupation. In the first one, you'll play a child who's been kidnapped and who has to escape from the mansion with the help of teammates. In this option, you'll appear inside this abandoned old house with three other players who you have to help get out. However, in the escape mode, you'll get to become the demonic old woman and you'll have to stop the children from escaping.

granny house - multiplayer escape mod apk

It's simple to control the characters, so you won't have any problem getting into the story in any of the game modes. To win the game you have to achieve your character's objective and you'll have to play using the advantages and disadvantages of the house itself. The old lady has superpowers but the children are faster. You need to know your character's strengths and overcome every obstacle to win the game.

Choose your adventure and enjoy the most spine-chilling rounds in this fun and terrifying Granny's house - Multiplayer escapes, where you can play from multiple points of view. Escape from your imprisonment or kidnap helpless children with other players.

Granny house Online MOD APK (Unlimited Souls)


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