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download Bubble Shooter free download for android apk 2021

bubble shooter game free download for android apk

bubble shooter game free download for android apk

Bubble Shooter is an addictive game of skill with hundreds of levels full of bubbles to pop and dragons to rescue. If you like point-based games of skill, Bubble Shooter will keep you entertained for hours with all kinds of challenges.

You'll start the first level with a short tutorial where you learn how to control your bubble shooter. Slide your finger left and right to aim, keeping an eye on where you want the bubble to go once you release it. By tapping on the shooter, you can also switch out one bubble for the next if you need a different color.

Your mission in Bubble Shooter is to rescue all the dragons trapped in the colorful bubbles. To do so, you'll need to pop the bubbles by combining three or more of the same color. The blocks at the top of the screen can only be eliminated if you match yours with the others. Take aim and beat hundreds of levels as you unlock them in this fun adventure.

Getting special boosts will also help you beat more difficult levels and rescue all the tiny dragons. How many can you save?

Bubble Shooter for Android apk 


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