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ِAnime Mugen 540+ Characters APK Download 2023

Download of the game anime mugen +540 characters download for Android and iPhone is now available on our store with a direct link for free. It is a popular anime game that has a huge list of famous characters like goku, ichigo, Vegetaa, Saitama and Luffy. This game is one of the most famous and best fighting games for the famous anime characters on the internet that allows you to choose your favorite character and enjoy the special skills of each character.

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Anime Mugen has great gameplay that gives you passion and full fun in one of the best anime fighting games. It includes more than 500 diverse characters, where each character has its own skills and advantages, so you will not find all the skills in each character. Among those cool anime characters are goku, ichigo, naruto, luffy, zoro, jotaro, dio, gojou satoru, kakashi, broly, Vegeta, itadori, bakugo, todoroki, midoriya, ace and add that you can choose your favorite character and start fighting rounds Compete against enemies and win powerful combat rounds.

Anime Mugen 540 characters download android

1 - App Name - Naruto Mugen APK

2 - File Size - 97.5MB

3 - Latest Version - V8.6.6

4 - Android Version - Android 4.0

5 - Developer - Konami

6 - Last Updated - April 2022

7 - Total Downloads - 50M+

Naruto Mugen Story APK Features 2023

  • A large group of famous anime characters, which are cartoons.
  • There are more than 500 characters in Anime Mugen Apk that you can choose between.
  • The game has a size commensurate with smart phones, which gives many the possibility to download the game and enjoy it.
  • At the beginning of the game it will give you many instructions to guide you about how to play it with explanations.
  • You can try several modes in Anime Mugen download such as online multiplayer mode.
  • There is also another mode that you can play, such as playing without the Internet and choosing the character you want.
  • There are more than 15 maps and places where you can get and start your combat tours like streets.
  • High definition graphics in addition to the graphics of the game are quite realistic, especially the reactions of the characters.
  • Control buttons are simple and easy to play and control and you can customize and configure the buttons as you wish by new anime mugen apk with 540 characters download.

  • Great and very attractive visual effects in addition to the enthusiastic music and sound effects of the game.
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