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Stray guide: All treunender sicherer Code, Stray Sheet Music

stray sheet music

STRAY - How to find All B-12 Memories Location | MIDTOWN

Stray Sheet Music [All 8 Locations]

Stray is an adventure game developed by Annapurna Interactive. The game allows players to explore its captivating world through the eyes of a cat. See how the game offers exploration and the forgotten city of Stray offers side activities for our beloved cat. One of these activities is to collect music sheets in the world of Stray and the location of these sheets is scattered throughout the map.

While exploration is always recommended in a game like Stray. Sometimes finding certain items can get a little tedious, so we have prepared this lost sheet music guide to let you know the location of each sheet music. While you're at it, check out our Stray Poncho guide and learn how to keep Elliot warm in-game.

sheet music 1

The first sheet of music can be found in the bathroom of Momo's apartment. To reach it, players must first climb onto the roof and find the two robots throwing paint at each other. Now find the balcony and enter the apartment through the window.

Now look for the metal door and go through the bars into the next room. Players will find the sheet music on the shelf above.

sheet music 2

The second sheet of music in Stray is to the left of Clementine's apartment. First you have to go to the upper level of the bar and head towards the red neon sign. Keep going up until you jump onto the pipe. Now use the pipe to enter the balcony. Players will discover the second sheet of music on the table.

sheet music 3

Players can find the third sheet music in Elliot's house. Scratch the door of his house and a robot will open it. Head into Elliot's house and players can discover the third sheet of music attached to the painting on the wall.

sheet music 4

After meeting the guard. Players need to go right and meet Azooz, the robot trader. Azooz will trade a few items with our beloved feline protagonist. One of these elements is a sheet of music. Azooz trades the sheet music for a can of energy drink.

Players can purchase an energy drink from a vending machine located directly across from Morusque. So grab an energy drink and trade it in for the sheet music at Azooz. 

stray safe code 

Stray safe code in Midtown

The second Stray Safe code is in Chapter 10, Midtown, and is actually easier to get. When you enter the city, go straight, past the companion who will be arrested and then up the stairs. After you reach the top, you'll notice a companion wearing a baggy white jacket complaining to a vendor.


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