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Stray guide: All the energy drinks,stray notenblätter, sheet music

Stray guide: All the energy drinks and vending machine locations in The Slums

stray alle notenblätter stray notizbuch Stray: Alle Notizbücher finden & Sendeempfänger erhalten


The first energy drink can is the easiest to find in Stray. From the Guardian that introduces you to The Slums, turn left and follow the path to Morusque, the guitar player. On the right side of the alley, you’ll see two vending machines, one of which has its light on. Interact with the lit-up machine and pick up the Energy Drink Speed 2K can that spits out of it.


The second energy drink can in Stray is all the way at the opening of The Slums. From the Guardian, do a 180 and follow the twisting paths until you reach the dead end that you climbed in from at the end of chapter three.

From the dead end, turn back around. Follow the alley and take the first left turn you come across. You’ll find a lit vending machine. Press the button and grab the Energy Drink Speed 2K can that comes out.

stray energy drink locations


The third energy drink can in Stray is on the rooftops. This time, start from Momo’s apartment (the place the Guardian sends you in the chapter four main story quest). From Momo’s orange sign, ride the bucket down and follow the rooftops right. You’ll find a red vending machine with the light on. Tap the button as usual and grab the Energy Drink Speed 2K can.

stray all energy drinks


The fourth and final can is the trickiest to find. Go back to the dead end where you first entered The Slums at the end of chapter three. Follow the path and go down the winding alleys until you find a robot watching TV. Go to the stairs next to the robot and turn around. Above the robot you’ll see a platform that houses a yellow vending machine. Jump up, hit the button, and grab the Energy Drink Speed 2K.

stray sheet music - stray notenblätter

1. Momo's apartment

You meet the somewhat eccentric robot Momo automatically during the story. When you enter the robot's apartment, turn left and go into the small hallway. Then through the grate on the left into the dark closet. Best turn on your lamp. The sheet music is on a shelf that you can reach via a couple of boxes.

2nd balcony

You can find the balcony near Clementine's apartment, which you also have to enter during the main story. It's directly to the right of the window from which you can enter their premises. Climb onto the table and collect the page.

3. Elliot's apartment

The technician's apartment isn't just open to you, but you'll get there as the story progresses. Scratch the door and someone will open it for you. Slip through the gap and run straight ahead towards the big picture. The sheet music is stuck in the corner.

stray alle notenblätter stray notizbuch


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