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Download NBA 2K21 Apk + OBB Free Android, iOS 2022

NBA 2k21 Arcade Edition Apk Download For Your Android

If  You are looking For a good sport game, You are in the right place. Today we will talk about Basketball that is one of the most famous and best sports games that many young people love from all over the world. If you are one of these young people, you will definitely enjoy when you download NBA 2K21 for your computer and also for smartphones, as it provides you with a realistic and complete simulation of the atmosphere The game, where you can test your mathematical skills, and enjoy winning at the same time.

NBA 2K21 Apk + OBB Free info.

game name

NBA 2K21

Release Date

4 September 2020

 Developed company

Visual Concepts

 Publishing company

2K Sports


PC,XBOX One,PS4,Google Stadia

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NBA 2K21 apk and obb download

Today, we present to you the latest version of the famous basketball game: NBA 2K21. This version offers many features that make it a favorite of many basketball fans and enthusiasts. As it provides you with an accurate simulation of all the details and atmosphere of the NBA, or the National Basketball Association, such as commentary, the analytical studio of the players' performance, displaying technical statistics for them.

In addition to the famous entertainment show that is in the middle of the match, which makes you feel that you are watching a real match, This will help you feel more excited and excited than ever before, to focus on your primary goal of winning for your team.

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 nba2k21 arcade edition apk

The new version of this game also features a remarkable development in terms of opening the field for shooting and passing compared to previous versions, which increases the realism of the game in this new version, as it provides all the appropriate conditions in order to achieve the best possible basketball experience. Thus, NBA 2K21 is a suitable choice for all basketball fans and enthusiasts of all ages.

NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition APK+OBB Download Features 

Although the new version of NBA 2K21 is close in some details to the previous versions, it has many features that we expect to be the reason for the increase in the popularity of this game among many basketball fans.

Premium Shot Gauge

 NBA 2K21 introduces a Shot Indicator with which you can control the power and accuracy of your shot. This is a new challenge that tests your skills in shooting accuracy and speed, keeping you alert and excited.

Periodic Challenges

The NBA 2K21 version contains many weekly challenges that are always renewed, which allows you to collect more rewards that can be used to buy more players.

Multiple modes: 

The game contains a set of various game modes, in addition to a large number of tournaments. Examples of game modes are: GM mode, and the famous MyCareer mode that enables you to play and compete within the game, and gives you a number of fateful choices that determine the path of your players from the League universities and even the NBA Championship.

Light game: 

Although the size of the game is a bit large, its performance is very smooth and does not affect the performance of the device, as it is suitable for medium devices, as it can run the game quite easily with acceptable graphic performance without any problems.


NBA 2K21 is a repository of all the game modes you want to imagine. You can play the regular matches of course or customize the match you want with any number of 1v1 and up to 5v5.The game also includes a large number of tournaments that you can enjoy along with a group of the famous classic modes such as My Career mode and GM mode.

NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition Android download

NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition Android

Unfortunately, despite the great variety in the phases of the game, it does not differentiate anything from the phases of the previous versions. It does not have anything new, literally, and it was transferred by text from the previous parts.

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About NBA 2K21 APK OBB

playing style :

The pace of the game is very fast, and this is because of the rhythm of the sport in the first place. If you are new to this game, you will feel in the first match that you are lost and many things happen on the screen at a fast pace that you cannot keep up with, but after several games you will start to get used to this fast pace and accept it and even enjoy it as well.

Even if you decide to play a little quietly, you will find that you need to learn passing tactics because the game does not depend on dribbling too much to get the ball to the basket, but rather on making a series of smart passes until you reach a player under the basket until you make a successful throw.

NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition Apk download no verification

Speaking of shooting, we have a pause here. The shooting system in the game is very complicated. When you shoot at the basket, an indicator appears, and you must stop this indicator at a certain point in order for the shot to be perfect.

User interface and performance

As for the game’s performance, it is completely smooth, and despite the huge game size, a mid-range device will be able to run it quite easily, even the current platforms were able to run the game with impressive graphic performance and without any problems. As for the user interface, it's a disaster in the true sense of the word, I haven't seen a user interface with so much complexity and writing that I started to feel that it was a strategy game rather than a sports game. 

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NBA 2K21 Apk + OBB Free Download For Android/iOS

When I tried the GM mode for the first time, I was surprised by the amount of data written on the screen and was actually annoyed with it, and despite continuing to play, I was not used to this interface at all and decided to leave this mode. Also, controlling the game is hell on the PC platform if you decide to play with the keyboard, it is clear that the developer did not pay attention to the keyboard at all and made these controls just a fortuitous or a very sub-add-on.

Download NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition Apk 2022



nba 2k21 arcade edition android release date

4 september 2020


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