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Download Tekken 5 APK + OBB Mobile For Android

tekken 5 apk obb download for android

The Tekken series is one of the oldest and most popular games that we have played since childhood, and we spent many hours playing this beautiful game on the PlayStation devices. There are millions of people around the world looking for a Tekken five game for mobile, but you will not find it in any of the stores such as Google Play or the App Store, so we will present to you how to download Tekken five for Android and iPhone, how to download it on your phone, and how to play it as well.

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The fighting game Tekken 5 is one of the most popular fighting games on the PlayStation and has the return of many characters that we have already seen in the previous parts, as well as you can create the largest squad to fight each other. Each player has special moves, combos, attacks and techniques. It also allows for character customization which really enhances this incredible fighting game. Player can battle one-on-one or can battle online to match up with players from all over the world.

Tekken 5 APK Download For Android

Download Tekken 5 for PC from Mediafire, one of the most famous fighting games released in 1997, affiliated with "Namco". The first part was released and was dedicated to the arcade, but it came back with a part in 1998 and it was intended for the PlayStation. The game also won the admiration of many fans with the story of the game and the characters in it.

tekken 5 apk obb download for android   Tekken 5 APK Obb Download For Android TEKKEN mobile APK + OBB Tekken 7 apk + obb Tekken 8 APK تيكن 5 APK Tekken 5 download Tekken 7 Apk Tekken mobile apk download

As it does not need a lot of possibilities, so that the player can practice it, and at the time Tekken 5 game was made available for free download for PC. Video games were not as advanced as we are witnessing now, even the game that made a breakthrough at the time, as it is one of the games that works on simple graphics which made it more arbitrary and easy.

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Download Tekken 5 Apk For Android/IOS

And there are many versions that came later, and each part is complementary to the story and the goal of the game, as the series of its features is that it has a purpose and a goal behind it, which is revenge, and many liked it. Characters associated with the game, which considers that each character performs a certain role in the story.

tekken 5 android apk data download 2022

tekken 5 android apk data download

This version of the Tekken series, the Tekken 5 edition, expects a completely different game that's not much like what you knew before in a previous release. It is the version of Tekken 4, it was based on changing between several characters available to the player to change from, but this feature was not very successful by users, this feature was removed in the version of Tekken 5 to provide the user with a more smooth and easy gameplay.

slow motion in Tekken 5

And the slow motion feature comes with a depth that you can activate, giving novice players the ability to master and learn the best moves. Which will later enable them to beat the rivals strongly and gain more experience, Tekken 5 is among the free wrestling games downloaded on our site Myegy and is considered one of the renewed games.

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And it always seeks to satisfy its players by adding developments and updates to each version, either through movement additions that give the player a more enjoyable experience. Or through characters that play different roles in the story, or through the evolution of the acoustics with which the engines have allied and give the recipient a more realistic and fun experience.


Some developments have been added such as high-resolution and quality effects, in addition to containing many characters, which have advanced strength and advanced fighting methods. It is worth noting that the game developer is always striving to satisfy its users by keeping up with updates, and every player is looking for fighting and action games.

 Tekken 5 Download Mobile Features


Battlefields and fields are diverse and different from each other, in terms of surroundings and terrain, some are next to waterfalls or on streets and public squares. Shopping malls, shops and even nightclubs. It has been designed in an amazing way that simulates reality in an amazing way that fascinates the players and gives them an atmosphere of excitement more than ever before.

For the first time, the battlefields became interactive, so that the objects on the battlefield would be destroyed if the gladiator accidentally or intentionally collides with them. Like chairs and a series of other things, and in some powerful combat blows, the ground itself shattered. It is worth noting that in all matches there are many fans who constantly cheer.

Tekken 5 development:

Here are the most notable improvements received by Tekken 5, new characters, more refined graphics, battle arenas, and more interaction with events. A combat system that is more fluid than ever, faster and also uneven terrain, in addition to the possibility of customizing players and choosing their clothes, etc. It is something that happens for the first time in the history of the Tekken series, which has become one of the best wrestling and fighting games ever.

Fighter customization:

For the first time, the player can customize or create a fighter from scratch, from features and physical structure, to clothing, accessories and other things related to building a deck. And not only that, but it is also possible to compare a large number of moves and give them to the character you design, but this requires the presence of silver coins, and each addition that the player makes has a special price.


7 new wrestlers have been added to this version, as well as containing 32 wrestlers in total. Each wrestler has abilities that distinguish him from others in terms of speed, strength, movements he can perform, appearance, fashion, etc. In order to be fully aware of the abilities of all the characters, you must try them out for yourself to choose your favorite wrestler after downloading Tekken 5 for PC with a single link from Mediafire.

Tekken 5 apk highly compressed zip file

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