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Puppy Playtime Mobile APK Download 2022 Android & iOS

  Download puppy playtime apk for free

تحميل لعبة بولي بلاي تايم للاندرويد تحميل لعبة Poppy Playtime للموبايل مجانا

Downloading the game Poppy Playtime APK 2022 for free is not difficult, and it is one of the most famous horror games from the perspective of the first person. At the same time, the game is the most famous among the mystery, excitement and puzzle games. In the Poppy Playtime game, you will be inside a very old and completely abandoned factory of employees and here it will be You have to examine this old factory and move inside it to get to know it and its parts in detail. There will be terrifying situations in the game and you have to find out the reason behind the abandonment of this factory and the employees leaving it years ago, as the factory owns a lot of games so your job in poppy playtime apk is to explore.

Download Poppy Playtime: Chapter 2 with direct link for free

You can get the link to download Poppy Playtime for PC and Android for free from Mediafire. The goal of this game will be to survive for the longest period of time and you will have to give birth to dozens of terrifying traps, and this is why the game is called real horror for players and try to survive the puzzles and revenge traps in the game Poppy Play Time for computer and mobile for free, where you will be able to use the power buttons and knobs to avoid darkness and get a better view.

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Data of the game Bobby Playtime 2022 for mobile

The name

Bobby playtime

the size

40 mega


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Features of downloading the game poppy playtime

* Uncover the mystery surrounding the toy companyIn this exciting puzzle game, you will try to find out the real reason why all the employees in the factory disappeared into thin air one day a few years ago.

* You'll explore an abandoned factory and search for clues that can lead you to the answers you've been curiously searching for. You will meet with a bunch of lively and scary games in which you can make friends.

* While playing in Poppy Playtime, you will be equipped with GrabPack. A sophisticated wearable backpack that comes with two synthetic hands connected via a steel wire. These hand tools will greatly help you to grab heavy items and move them safely to anywhere you want with great ease.

* Enjoy 30 minutes of terrifying survival game, and solve the baffling tragic story of the factory and its workers.

* A gripping atmospheric horror game and all the tools are provided right at the beginning of the game and clues are available in some well-made puzzle games and monsters.

Download Poppy Playtime for free




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