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Download SAKURA School Simulator for Android free

Download SAKURA School Simulator for Android free 2021

download sakura school simulator apk + obb

SAKURA School Simulator is a game where you play as an average student who studies at Sakura Town High School. At this high school, which is located in a small rural town, there is no limit to what you can do from the wild things. Fortunately, no one will ever die. But if one of them gets hurt, he will faint and wake up the next day, full of anger at what he attacked.

SAKURA School Simulator has simple controls. With your left thumb, you will be able to move your character over the scenes, and your right thumb will handle some special actions with the action buttons, including the attack, talk, and operate your flight gear.

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Each game will start when your character leaves the house, and you can then take them wherever you want. Move through all of Sakura Town's neighborhoods as you like, talk to tons of different characters, visit them in their homes, and do whatever you want. Would you like to visit one of your friends? Come on please. Or do you want to cause chaos in the city? You 

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One of the most exciting aspects of SAKURA School Simulator is the possibility to customize your character as you like. Choose whether you want to be a girl or a boy, change your clothes, hairstyle, eye color and more. You can also unlock additional content by watching ads.

SAKURA School Simulator is an excellent 'high school simulator' that has great graphics and a lot of alternatives. Players can do practically anything they want in this amazing 'and wild' town called Sakura Town and you can SAKURA School Simulator uptodown.

Download SAKURA School Simulator versi 0.96 APK


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