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Download Bottle Jump 3D Mod APK All version 2021

Bottle Jump

Bottle Jump 3D mod apk vip unlocked

 Bottle Jump 3D is a fun game of skill where you have to get a bottle from one side of a room to the other. To do that you've got to fling it in the air, make it flip all the way around, and land upright. If you liked this challenge in real life, with this app you can enjoy the fun again, this time on your smartphone.

The gameplay in Bottle Jump 3D couldn't be simpler. All you've got to do to throw the bottle is tap the screen and when you do the bottle will go up, flip in the air, and land somewhere in the room. Your mission is to get the water to the end in as few moves as possible.

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The game's difficulty lies in several main points: you'll find the first in the jumps into the void and the double clicks, as you can't touch the ground at any time and can only rest on the objects in the room. The second problem is staying balanced on any item on the room; lots of them will break or move around, so you have to move too at the same time. Recall that you can't touch the ground, so be sure you don't fall with the other objects.

As you move through the levels in Bottle Jump 3D you'll find harder and harder challenges—big jumps into the void with shelves jammed with objects. How far can you get your bottle?

download bottle jump 3d mod apk


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